Sunday, October 29, 2017

State of the Art

Greg Rucka & Nicola Scott “Wonder Woman Vol 2: Year One” (DC Comics, 2017)

Man, I bet this was confusing to read in floppies. Issues were alternating temporally.  The issues collected in Volume 1 were the odd numbers, which tell a story set in the present day. Volume 2 is the even numbered issues. This is set in the past, and is a(nother) telling of Wonder Woman’s origin story.

The good news is that if you are reading the trades there is really no confusion.

The better news is that this volume is fantastic. Greg Rucka straightens some things out, and Nicola Scott’s art is gorgeous.

This is state of the art superhero comics, people.  READ IT. BUY IT.

Thanks to NetGalley and DC Comics for a review copy.

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