Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Who's Up for a Boat Ride?

Margaret Dunlap, “Bookburners: Fair Weather” (Serial Box, 2015)

Another week, another episode, err chapter, err installment?

Anyway, the problems get bigger & even weirder in this one.  Most interestingly, we’re starting to get more world building.  There are apparently many factions aware of the books, each with their own motives.

After three installments, I have to say that I’m still hooked.  If anything I’m more curious about this world than I was before.  I’m not so sold on the characters yet, so that could certainly be developed. But yes, I want to read more.

That's an Interesting Decorating Choice

Brian Francis Slattery, “Bookburners: Anywhere But Here” (Serial Box, 2015)

This is the second installment of the series.  

Sal Brooks has been brought to Rome & is now a member of the team (because that’s how these secret Vatican teams roll apparently).  We get a quick tour of the Vatican HQ, & meet some new characters. 

But this is just another short installment, so that means on to the action!  This week’s case is even weirder and more disgusting.  There is plenty of body horror for those that dig that!

This is a lot weirder than the first episode & I liked it much better.  

So it’s looking up since the first installment.  That’s a good sign.