Sunday, March 5, 2017

On Lent and Practice

As part of my Lentin observance, this year I have given up all my drivers.  I know, that sounds weird, doesn't it. I'm hoping that it will force me to really work on form and appreciate the drivers when I get them back.

Yesterday I was able to get in a little bit of field work, and worked on incorporating some footwork advise from Nate Sexton.  Here's the video 

Short story is that I've realized that my footwork was keeping me from actually getting my hips and legs into my drives. So with a small(ish) bit of work I've now had glimpses of how it should be.  Wow! what an improvement!
This morning on a putter only round I was able to get some excellent drives! A couple were the best I had ever gotten on those particular holes. 
It's great to see improvement and to know that your work is paying off. I'm looking forward to more work as the days get longer and the weather gets better.

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