Saturday, March 4, 2017

Batwoman by any other name

James Tynion IV, Eddy Barrows, & Alvaro Martinez “Batman: Detective Comics Volume 1: Rise of the Batmen” (DC Comics, 2017)

So with Rebirth they have turned Detective into the Batman Family book.  The basic setup is simple: Batman decides to train up some of the various Bat-related characters & talks Batwoman into doing the work. (yeah, I know).

Hey, I’m all about Batwoman & I like Tim Drake & the other cast of characters. (Quick aside: what happened to Clayface? When did he start looking like this? WTF?)

Overall I liked the book, but like some of the other Rebirth titles I just felt like I had read it before. Didn’t (character dedacted) already (redacted)?

And again I found the art to be competent, but not exceptional. It gets the job done, but I miss the great art from earlier Batwoman runs.

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