Monday, February 27, 2017

Something New

Intimidating, huh? It's the tee to the first hole.  You can see the basket back behind the trees.

Saturday I played in my first organized event, a Prodigy Par2 out at Muldraugh DGC.

I had never been out to Muldraugh, & wow, it was woody!  Think of Iroquois locally & imagine that someone said "add more trees!" & you have a rough idea of what the course was like.  Tees were moved up, so all the holes were in the 150 - 200 foot range, but many seemed to be at least par 3s.  You would expect a par 2 to give you an ace opportunity every hole.  They were few & far between.

My goals were simple: get my swag, play a different course, meet some people, and HAVE FUN.  I'm happy to say that my goals were achieved!  My final score was the worst on my card, but I was in the mix for every hole, & actually had the best scores on several. Since I knew that I was not going to win a prize, I took the opportunity to try stuff with these new discs & see what I thought.

All in all I consider it a big success, & think I will go for some other short events this year.  There are a couple of MVP events in Frankfort coming up that I have my eye on!

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