Sunday, October 27, 2013

Are They Trying To Do Anything Beyond Filling Pages?

Ann Nocenti & Rafa Sandoval “Catwoman Vol. 3: Death of the Family” (DC Comics, 2013)

I don’t think that I’ve ever read a solo Catwoman title before.  Sure, like everyone else I’m familiar with the character from her appearances in various Bat titles over the years.  She’s an intriguing character, and I think that she could carry a compelling title.

Unfortunately, this is not that title.  

This volume of the new 52 version of Catwoman seems to be adrift.  Just what kind of stories are the creators interested in telling?  I’ve read the book, and I’m not sure.  Is Catwoman’s book gritty and gruesome?  Is it a feminist heist book?  Is it Capes and the City?  There are some elements of all of these here.  And unfortunately none of these directions are successful, perhaps because the commitment to each one is so haphazard.  Without an overall vision of what the title should be, it ends up being not much more than a collection of scenes of Catwoman changing clothes.  

Really?  That’s the best they could come up with?

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