Thursday, June 23, 2016

This Time It's Personal!

Matt Wallace “Pride’s Spell” (Tor, 2016)

I have to be honest:  If you start your book with a loving shout out to Lucha Underground, I’m going to love this book.  It may not be fair, it may not be right, but that’s how it is people!  And then if you give a name check to an old friend early in the book as well, then you’ve just written one of my favorites of the year!

Pride’s Spell is the latest in Wallace’s Sin du Jour series. Number 3: This time it’s personal!

I jest about the title, but it’s actually true.  It turns out that the events from the first novella have led to the current story.  Wallace doesn’t spend a whole lot of time recapping what happened, so you really should read the earlier 2 volumes before this one.

Like the earlier volumes, Pride’s Spell is full of humor & action with some great characterization along the way.

This series has become my go to for when I want a well written, but not too deep series to unwind with.  Beach reading par excellence!

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