Sunday, March 31, 2013

Album of the Week: Tim Easton "Before the Revolution: The Best of 1998 - 2011" (2013)

It’s always a bit of surprise to me to see a “best of” compilation from an artist that I’m only marginally aware of.  I’ve listened to a couple of Easton’s albums, but those are from the last couple of years, & quite frankly I had no idea that he had released such a body of work.  

This compilation is pulled from seven albums he released on New West over the last decade or so.  He’s spent that time relentlessly touring, & hitting the studio to record new material.  Today his website shows tours in Japan and Europe as well as Alaska and the continental US.  He’s a busy man.

So what do we have here?  The tracks on Before the Revolution do show a bit of stylistic variety as you might expect.  The core sound is that of a singer songwriter. But he also shows plenty of classic rock influences, as well as those of 90s post-Elliott Smith songwriters.  

The folkier material works best for me, as I would expect.  But the range he shows is quite impressive.  I think I’ll be tracking down more of his albums.

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