Tuesday, July 31, 2012

James S.A. Corey “Caliban’s War” (Orbit, 2012)

So by now you’ve all right “Leviathan Wakes” right?  Right?  You in the back, shaking your head no…. leave & get that book read.  Come back once you’ve finished.
“Caliban’s War” picks up soon after the end of “Leviathan Wakes”.  Things have not gotten better.  If anything, the overall political situation is more unstable.  There’s an incident on Ganymede, & suddenly the solar system is at the brink of war.
All the elements you liked from “Leviathan Wakes” are back.  Fast plotting, lots of action, a deep vision of the political and social culture of the age.  Corey adds a couple of new POV characters which add more breadth to the universe.  You’ll get to know some familiar characters a bit better, and will enjoy meeting the new ones.
“Leviathan Wakes” was one of the most entertaining books of 2011.  “Caliban’s War” is a worthy successor, perhaps even better than the first book in the series.

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