Thursday, May 4, 2017

They Did the Mash

Steve Orlando, Tom King, Tim Seeley, James Tynion IV, & Riley Rossmo “Batman: Night of the Monster Men” (DC Comics, 2017)

What we have here is an old fashioned Bat books crossover.  I’m not a big EVENT guy, but I do have a certain affection for crossovers within a specific book line. Here we have Batman & the team from Detective comics working together to stop MONSTERS! IN! GOTHAM!

This has every opportunity to be big pulpy fun. I like how Rebirth Batman is more of a SUPERhero. There’s room for some silver age crazy in these books, and introducing GIANT FREAKING MONSTERS is one way to up the crazy level.

This just doesn’t grab the excitement that it should. Our heroes are divided into the running around team, the ineffectual team, and team crowd control.  Yawn. It’s like a kaiju movie without the silly. It just doesn’t work.

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