Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Meet Your New Bicycle

Jody Houser “Faith Volume 1: Hollywood and Vine” (Valiant, 2016)

Meet Faith.  She’s young and idealistic.  She wants to use her powers to help people. 

And for the first time she’s on her own. No team for backup. A secret identity to keep on the down low.

She’s totally classic, and a breath of fresh air. 

This is a throwback to the days when heroes wanted to help people and their personal struggles were less alcoholism and abuse and more “job trouble” or “does he like me?”. 

This book isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel.  It’s done in the classic style, but with contemporary touches. But it does throw out 30 years or so of angst and grimdark.

I dig it.  I want to read more.

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