Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Think of It as a Pilot

Max Gladstone, “Bookburners: Badge, Book, and Candle” (Serial Box, 2015)

This is the start of what they’re saying is a 16 part (!!) serial. They also talk about the project as being styled after a TV show, so maybe we should think of this as a pilot.

There’s a revolving cast of authors attached, but Max Gladstone is the writer for this initial section.
The story feels pretty familiar: a guy reads an evil book & gets possessed.  We meet his sister, a cop, who discovers a secret Vatican team dedicated to stopping this sort of shenanigan, & a whole world of magic that she never knew existed.

As I mentioned, this feels really familiar, very Warehouse 13-ish. It’s fun and appropriately spooky and gross, but really nothing too special.  Still, there’s a propulsive plot that makes for a fun read & yes, I do want to know where the story goes.

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