Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Most Swanson of Books

Lars Mytting, “Norwegian Wood” (Abrams, 2015)

It’s just a book about wood.  Cutting wood. Stacking wood. Burning wood.

There’s a simplicity to the writing that matches the subject matter.  It’s clear and direct.  

The thing is, it becomes almost meditative.  There’s definitely a story buried here, about people from a region & how their forests have allowed them to survive in conditions that this Southern boy probably couldn’t cope with.  But ultimately it’s about the ax, the wood, and the stove.  It’s about keeping warm on cold days.

This absolutely appealed to the part of me that appreciates craftsmanship and heritage.  There are similar books waiting to be written about many things from our grandparents’ time.  Starting with the hearth fire isn’t a bad way to start.

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  1. How did you manage to get a copy of this biik so early. I've been waiting for this for two years!!! and it won't be delivered until tomorrow---the Official launch day! It does look great!