Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The South is Everlasting

Rick Bragg, “My Southern Journey” (Time Inc Books, 2015)

Rick Bragg is known for semi-autobiographical writing about the South.  And that’s what we have here.  It’s a collection of pieces he’s written for a variety of magazines – Southern Living, Garden & Gun, & the like.  Short but rich pieces that are of a people and a place.  It’s writing to be savored, not rushed through.

I really don’t know how this collection will translate to people from other places.  I found lots of resonance, but then my people are Southern and country.  I don’t have a cluster of aunts like Bragg, but there are some, and it’s all close enough to home.

I enjoyed the hell out of this collection, & feel like I’ll have to read a few more of his books.  But first I’ll need me a glass of tea & maybe a nice ham biscuit.

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