Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Tentacles and Teeth

Daryl Gregory “Harrison Squared” (Tor, 2015)

You may remember the character of Harrison Harrison from last year’s We Are All Completely Fine.  In that novella we found out a few facts about his backstory. 

Harrison Squared is NOT a true prequel.  In We Are All Completely Fine, we found out that Harrison had written a bestselling YA book based on his true story.  This is that YA novel.  

Basically what Gregory has done is write a contemporary Lovecraftian YA novel.  This is not intended to be some sort of big subversion, but rather a straight up Mythos story.  And it works.  Wonderfully.  The tone is right on, fun and snarky and scary and full of tension in all the right places.

Now I’m hoping that he writes more spinoffs from We Are All Completely Fine.  I want to know the rest of the stories!

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