Wednesday, January 7, 2015

It's a Classic Team-Up!

Louise Simonson & Derek Charm “Super Secret  Crisis War! Volume 1” (IDW, 2015)

As a kid I remember being really excited whenever I picked up a superhero crossover book.  The JLA and the JSA team up to stop a massive team of villains!  Sure the tones didn’t really mesh, but who cared, it was all about excitement and action, action, action!

In so many ways, that is exactly what Super Secret Crisis War! is all about. Various classic Cartoon Network characters are brought together to find the most devious assemblage of villains ever!  The demon Aku organizes the villains who proceed to capture The Powerpuff Girls,  Ben 10, Samauri Jack, Dexter (‘s Laboratory), and Ed, Edd, and Eddy. 

Derek Charm does a great job of staying true to the artistic style of each character.  Somehow it works, in a mad collision of color & movement.

This isn’t some sort of heavyweight edgy comic.  This is an old school, fun for all ages affair.   People are always looking for good comics appropriate for kids.  This is a great one right here. 

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