Wednesday, August 12, 2015

So. Freaking. Good.

Robin Hobb “Fool’s Quest” (Del Rey, 2015)

So I was reading this book on breaks at work, and very quickly I realized that I had a couple of problems.  First, I didn’t want to stop reading.  That’s a problem, since my boss doesn’t want to pay me for reading novels all day.  Second, I seemed to have developed some problems with my eyes.  I don’t know why they kept watering like that.  And why I had to blow my nose.  No I wasn’t crying.  You’re crying!

This book picks up right at the end of the last.  Fitz has accidentally stabbed the Fool & they have gone to the Capitol.  Meanwhile, all hell has broken loose at his house & his daughter has been kidnapped.

And that’s the setup for providing us with SO MANY FEELINGS.

I don’t want to spoil events from the book, but it’s so good.  If you like fantasy, you need to read these books.

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