Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kim Stanley Robinson "2312" (2012)

Please note:  This is *not* a plot driven novel.  It is primarily a love story.  You aren’t going to find space battles, aliens/monsters, or lots of adventure & intrigue.  There is a plot, with touches of conspiracy & adventures, but they are of a tertiary importance at best.  The primary focus is on character development, with a surprising & wonderful examination of the natural wonders of our solar system coming in second.
Given all the problems of our age, the genre seems to be more & more focused on dystopian visions of the future.  I found “2312” to be a wonderful optimistic answer to this doom & gloom.  Yes, we have problems, but perhaps they are solvable.  This optimism & overall sense of wonder seemed to be a return to some of the best qualities of golden age science fiction.  I think that in times like these, we need more of this sort of vision.

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