Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kevin Hearne "Tricked" (2012)

With “Tricked”, Hearne seems to be back on track.  I felt that by “Hammered”, Hearne had lost the plot.  Our favorite druid seemed to be overpowered, making his problems feel too insignificant.  Much of the humor of the earlier books was lost.  (And I’ll admit it – I’m a fan of Oberon, so less Oberon is a very bad thing for me.)
Hearne seems to have hit the reset button for “Tricked”.  The bad guys are more than capable, pushing Atticus to his limits.  Oberon is back, along with his hilarious conversations & his love for sausages.  And of the various deities in the series, Coyote is one of my favorites.

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