Sunday, November 19, 2017

A Man Out of Time

Tim Pratt, “The Wrong Stars” (Angry Robot, 2017)

Tim Pratt is best known as a prolific author of fantasy, but here he jumps into space opera, and wow! What a SF debut!

Humans are living throughout our solar system. They have encountered another race, the so-called Liars, who have provided technology via trades. When a small ship discovers an old human vessel, they learn that there is more to the universe than they have previously dreamed.  Unfortunately they learn that things are more dangerous than they knew.

First I should mention that the world building is wonderful.  There are layers and layers to this, both human civilization as well as that of the aliens. And yet there are still mysteries to be possibly solved.
The plot chugs right along and we go from adventure to adventure while learning about a varied and diverse set of characters. 

In terms of tone I could not help thinking about Becky Chambers’ books. Like those books, these continue a sense of love towards the characters and universe. Even though there are some really bad things going on, this is not a nihilistic universe. There’s a pervasive sense of love towards what you are reading.

I really really loved this book. If you like space opera, give it a read. I’m ready for more, please!

Thanks to Netgalley and Angry Robot for a review copy.

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