Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's Not You, It's Me

Peter F Hamilton “The Abyss Beyond Dreams” (Del Rey, 2014)

Back in the day, SF protagonists were competent men.  They were often heads of state or corporations or militaries (the distinctions usually depending on the authors’ politics.) It doesn’t happen as much these days, or at least not in the books I normally come across.  So very early in The Abyss Beyond Dreams I knew what I was dealing with.  We’re told of the wealth and importance of our protagonist.  In fact the explicit comparison to a King is made.  And then we find out how he has some 200+ children….

And it becomes difficult for me to be very sympathetic to Nigel.  

It’s not that there’s really anything wrong with this book.  It’s just that on some levels it’s so invested in classic SF tropes that I had trouble moving beyond them.

You’re a great book, and one day you’ll find a great reader, and you’ll be fantastic together.  But I think that we need to see other people.

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