Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Once More From the Top

Michael Poore “Reincarnation Blues” (Del Rey Books, 2017)

Wow. What a book.

Milo is a guy who has lived thousands of lives. He’s lived in our far future and our far past. Sometimes he’s human, sometimes he’s some other form of being. He’s just on the wheel, living and dying and not reaching perfection.

Along the way he meets Suzie, an incarnation of Death. Milo and Suzie fall in love, the way that you do. 

This is Milo’s story, and we follow along and see a wide variety of lives, some happy, some sad. Milo is struggling to find completion or perfection.

There is so much heart to this book. Unlike so many fantasies that touch on spirituality, this one is not cynical. It’s funny, yes, but full of love.

This is the rare book that I immediately wanted to give to all my friends.  So go read it.  It’s been a hard year, and a story like this full of hope and compassion is exactly what you need.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a review copy.

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