Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Even cooler than Agent 99

Ed Brubaker & Steve Epting “Velvet volume 2” (Image, 2015)
If you go & read conversations amongst reviewers, if they ever talk about series, you’ll find that they often ignore the middle parts of a series.  The beginning will be covered heavily, as will the end.  What’s this about? Did they stick the landing? But the middle part that carries most of the weight is just ignored.  Hey, it’s hard to talk about.

The second volume of Velvet is a great example.  We don’t have any big character moments or plot swerves.  What we have is a continuation and deepening of the first volume.

Well what do you say?  If you liked the first volume (I loved it), you’ll like what they’re doing here.  It’s more of what you already love.  

Sometimes when something is so good, keep it coming is all you can really say.  KEEP IT COMING!

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